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The widespread disease of COVID-19 has caused many problems in everyday life. The corporate sector has also been affected by the Pandemic. They are now looking for a solution to go with daily work.  The safety of the workers is always the priority of every business. For this purpose, KhazinaDigital has finally found a solution to overcome the problem. To continue the daily dealing with work, it has given the solution to help businesses. The 8” Facial Recognition Thermometer Display provides the temperature test results for the users. It alerts the user to identify whether he/she is suffering from fever. More than that, fever is also an important symptom of the Coronavirus. So, it controls and restricts access to contactless facial recognition along with detecting temperature. The thermal imaging technology is perfect for schools, industries, gyms, corporate offices and hotel spaces.

Automated and Contactless temperature Detection

The device has been installed with a Melexis Dual-chip system and a cooling fan. The thermal imaging module can measure the temperature of a user. The facial recognition thermometer can detect the user’s body temperature up to accuracy. The sensor has ranged between -40°C to 85°C with an accuracy of ±0.3°C. The automated nature of the device does not affect its efficiency. Therefore, it reduces the workload because it is contactless. That is the most important benefit of using the contactless temperature detection display. At most, it is the need of an hour during the serious problem of COVID-19.

MASK detection technology

The device features mask detection technology. While reading the user’s user’s body temperature, it also checks if the user wears a mask or not. The entry to any particular place requires that a visitor must wear a mask. So, there is a feature that also detects the presence of a face mask. Due to the Pandemic of Covid-19, everyone must use a mask while going out. It is a great technology for business users to install the facial recognition thermometer display. So, the visitors are only allowed to enter the space after detection.

Body Temperature alarm

The facial recognition thermometer display comes with another exciting feature. It also detects if the user's temperature is going beyond or not. If that happens, it alerts the user with an alarm. That alarm may contain a video or sound alert. The alarm activates to alert the user that they may have a rising temperature or fever. This feature can be disabled if not needed.  

Strip-light Indicator

While reading temperature or detecting masks, this device is so helpful with another amazing feature. It gives a user a green signal in acceptance and red on rejection based on its readings. This feature acts as the on-camera illumination for perfect results.

The device can be used for commercial purposes. So, the enclosure has been manufactured with aluminium instead of plastic. The aluminium body may less likely cause any damage. The factory and warehouses are the places where it is necessary to use such material devices.

Software and NFC integration

The device comes with a full ready-to-use system with a 24/7 IPS panel. It also contains dual lens, facial recognition cameras. The thermal imaging module works as the detection of body temperature. The light indicators help in telling whether a user has a fever or not. The optional RFID/NFC integration can also control and manage with the software that is included. It can be used if you want to install an ID card reader for access grants in the building.

Added/more Installations in the existing systems

The use of a connection interface can be a solution for an integrated system. The existing door or ticketing system can integrate with additional installations. The included software is a tool to specifically say the entry conditions. The access grant as an acceptable temperature range, mask checking and particular permission for entry. The 8” Facial Recognition Thermometer Display also comes with adjustable solutions for mounting the device. The desk-mounted pole, flush fit, wall mount, desk stand and floor stand are included. All the options have an integrated blue LED strip light.

24/7 Commercial Use

The thermometer display is used for commercial purposes. It can help in preventing and maintaining safety steps taken to prevent any trouble. The device is ideal for entrance at shopping malls, corporate sector, retail stores, and gyms. The clocking-in/out system can use warehouse settings. The pandemic has made everything contactless. So, the 8” Facial Recognition Thermometer Display also comes with an optional contactless hand sanitiser. That provides an extra level of security and safety.


The 8” Facial Recognition Thermometer Display offers body temperature detection and facial recognition. It also provides an option for an automatic hand sanitiser with motion detection. The display can be equipped with infrared sensors that measure the body temperature. So, this device also includes mask detection whether a user is wearing it or not. If a user doesn’t wear a mask, the device also doesn’t grant him access.  It has also given an amazing feature of presenting informative content through digital display. Therefore, all the features are amazing in performance to maintain safety in times of COVID-19.

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