What is a Direct View LED Display?

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) can be found in torches, lamps and the backlight of most LCD screens; essentially they are tiny light bulbs. Direct View LED (DV-LED) solutions comprise of individual LEDs that light up with different colours to create an image; so think of each LED as a pixel. Our ranges of Direct View LED solutions use surface mounted device (SMD) technology, combining red, green and blue micro LEDs so each pixel can create a full range of colours. Direct View LED displays have a modular design so they can be made to fit any space. Content is sent, usually from a media player, to a sending box which then distributes the image to each module and in turn each LED.

Direct View LED Video Wall vs LCD Video Wall

When thinking about Video Wall technology the major choice you will be faced with is whether LED or LCD is the way to go. Both have their unique advantages and strengths depending on your requirements, expectations and resources.

Direct View LED Video Wall

Between each module and cabinet there are no seams across the entire display, creating a seamless display.

Fill any space thanks to the smaller cabinet sizes and modular design, is not bound to 16:9 aspect ratio.

Both indoor and outdoor options available.

Ultra high contrast ratios achieve true blacks and an unbelievable colour range.

Bespoke installation required.

Robust, rugged enclosures.

Unbelievable levels of brightness can be achieved, ideal for outdoor applications that need to compete with the sun.

Can be accessed from front or rear making maintenance flexible and simple.

100,000 hours lifetime.

Premium solution.

LCD Video Wall

Between each panel there is an ultra-narrow bezel that can be as thin as 0.8mm screen to screen.

As standard come in a fixed 16:9 aspect ratio, ideal for displaying High Definition content but more limiting.

Can only be used for indoor applications.

Smaller pixel pitch can potentially produce higher resolutions, depending on content and media player.

More user friendly hardware.

Very fragile LCD panels can be damaged easily during installation.

Designed specifically for indoor use so not available in high brightness.

Typically use pop-out wall mounts for serviceability.

70,000 hours lifetime.

Affordable option.

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Pixel Pitch

One factor to consider when planning your DV-LED project is viewing distance and how pixel pitch plays a part in this. Pixel pitch refers to the distance between each LED/pixel, so in a P6 DV-LED Video Wall there would be 6mm between each pixel, both horizontally and vertically. This is why typically indoor DV-LED solutions have lower pixel pitches when compared to outdoor DV-LED solutions as you would expect outdoor displays to be viewed from a further distance. When deciding which pixel pitch is right for you, a general rule of thumb is the number after the “P” dictates the optimum viewing distance in meters. For example, the optimum viewing distance for a P6 DV-LED display is 6 meters or more.

Advantages of Direct View LED Displays 

for Businesses

  • Unmatched Visual Quality
    The most striking advantage of Direct View LED displays is their unparalleled visual quality. The technology's ability to deliver vibrant colours, high contrast ratios, and exceptional brightness ensures that content is displayed with clarity and impact, even in challenging lighting conditions.
  • Flexibility in Design and Configuration
    The modular nature of Direct View LED displays offers businesses unparalleled flexibility in design and configuration. Whether creating a video wall in a retail space or an outdoor display on a unique architectural structure, businesses can tailor the size and shape of the display to suit their specific needs.
  • Energy Efficiency and Sustainability
    Direct View LED displays are renowned for their energy efficiency, consuming significantly less power compared to traditional display technologies. This not only reduces operational costs for businesses but also aligns with sustainability goals, making LED displays an environmentally conscious choice for forward-thinking enterprises.
  • Increased Engagement and Recall
    Businesses leverage Direct View LED displays to increase audience engagement and brand recall. The dynamic and visually appealing content displayed on LED screens captures attention and leaves a lasting impression on viewers, contributing to a positive association with the brand.
  • Real-Time Content Updates
    The ability to update content in real-time is a game-changer for businesses utilizing Direct View LED displays. Whether promoting flash sales, showcasing new products, or delivering live updates, businesses can adapt their messaging on the fly, ensuring the content remains relevant and timely.

Considerations for Implementing 

Direct View LED Displays

  • Content Strategy and Management
    Successful utilisation of Direct View LED displays requires a well-thought-out content strategy. Businesses must consider the type of content that resonates with their target audience and how to effectively manage and update that content to keep it relevant.
  • Integration with Surrounding Architecture
    In outdoor settings, the integration of Direct View LED displays with the surrounding architecture is crucial. Careful consideration should be given to the design and placement of the displays to ensure they enhance the visual aesthetics of the environment.
  • Maintenance and Long-Term Viability
    While Direct View LED displays are known for their durability, businesses should have a maintenance plan in place to address any potential issues promptly. Regular inspections and proactive maintenance contribute to the long-term viability of the displays, maximizing their lifespan.
  • Regulatory Compliance
    Businesses must be aware of local regulations and compliance standards when installing Direct View LED displays, especially in outdoor public spaces. Understanding and adhering to these regulations ensures a smooth implementation process without legal complications.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are DV-LED Video Walls?

DV-LED Video Walls are bespoke all-in-one solutions designed for creating seamless displays. They utilize state-of-the-art SMD technology and advanced video processing to deliver crystal clarity, lifelike colors, and seamless content playback without distortion​​.

What are the key features of DV-LED Video Walls?

Key features include captivating image quality, seamless video walls, modular design, easy installation and maintenance, ultra-high contrast ratio, and comprehensive quality control. They are optimized for indoor environments and provide ultra-quiet operation without the need for cooling fans​​.

How are DV-LED Video Walls installed and maintained?

These displays are designed for easy installation due to their lightweight design, magnetic modules, and simple cabinet structure. Maintenance is straightforward, allowing for front serviceability where DV-LED modules can be quickly and efficiently removed​​.

What makes DV-LED Video Walls unique compared to other digital signage solutions?

DV-LED Video Walls offer unparalleled flexibility and creativity, allowing for the creation of captivating visuals in any shape and size to fill spaces of any dimension, not constrained by standard aspect ratios. This, combined with their high brightness and contrast, makes them stand out​​.

Can DV-LED Video Walls be used outdoors?

Yes, there are outdoor DV-LED displays designed with ultra-high brightness and IP-rated weatherproof design, ensuring durability and visibility in various environmental conditions. These outdoor models also support front or rear serviceability for ease of maintenance​​.

What are the available pixel pitches for DV-LED Video Walls?

The document mentions P1.8 and P2.5 for indoor solutions, and P4 and P6 for outdoor solutions, catering to various viewing distance and resolution requirements​​.

What warranty and technical support options are available for DV-LED Video Walls?

DV-LED Video Walls come with a standard 3-year commercial warranty, which can be extended to 5 years. Lifetime technical support is provided, including free remote CMS training sessions, webinars, and on-site support if needed. Advanced replacement is offered for hardware failures during the warranty period​​.

How can DV-LED Video Walls be customised for specific project requirements?

Customisation options include the ability to tailor displays by adding logos, printed graphics, or adjusting the color. Hardware modifications and bespoke solutions for special projects are also available. Accessories such as extra remote controls, NUC PCs, and video wall controllers can be provided​​.

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