How Digital Signage benefits Grocery Stores and Supermarkets?

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Since meal kits and instant delivery have made it easier than ever to prepare dinner, supermarkets remain busy. Despite the rise of online grocery shopping, brick-and-mortar stores remain relatively stable.

Today's shoppers expect a variety of things from stores, such as value, efficiency, and personalized experiences. To meet these needs, retailers need to develop effective in-store solutions that are designed to meet these. One of the most common factors that retailers consider when it comes to implementing digital signage software is the ability to create a seamless in-store experience. The grocery retail market in Asia-Pacific is expected to reach total revenue of over $7 billion by 2025. This growing market is expected to be driven by the increasing number of grocery stores.

Following the outbreak of the Pandemic and the reopening of economies in the region, many grocery retailers in Asia-Pacific have started to feel the return of in-store shopping. They are now focusing on developing new strategies and implementing innovative technologies to increase their sales.

To meet the needs of today's customers, grocery retailers need to develop effective in-store solutions that are designed to meet their varying needs. They can also use digital technologies to increase their revenue and footfall.

Digital Signage Engages the Better Shopping Experience

One of the most effective ways for retailers to increase their sales is by implementing digital displays in their stores. This type of technology can help them create a compelling and engaging shopping experience. According to studies, digital displays can help boost sales by attracting more potential customers and increasing the number of repeat purchases. A study conducted by the Stockholm School of Economics revealed that after the digital displays were installed, the sales of hypermarkets increased by 17%.

Due to the emergence of digital signage, many grocery retailers have started to shift away from using static promotional signs. They are now using digital signage to enhance the in-store experience and improve their sales.

There are many ways to add digital signage at grocery stores and supermarkets. Such as,

Digital Kiosks at the entrance or storefront of a store or mall can drive traffic into the store. For instance, shoppers walking through a mall or shopping area are instantly captivated by the colorful images that appear on these screens. They then engage in a variety of ad sales to promote the promotions and discounts that are featured.

  • Indoor and corridor Displays

 Displays in the corridor can help guide customers through the store. It can also provide helpful information and images to help them navigate the various sections of the store. In addition, interactive kiosks can be placed across the aisle to allow customers to interact with the products and learn more about them.

  • Smart shelve Displays

Unlike digital screens, shelf-edge displays can update information in real time. They can also create a memorable shopping experience for customers by displaying captivating content. Another use case for digital signage in grocery stores is smart shelving, which can be used to display product information and pricing. Usually, static price labels are used to provide product information.


How It Benefits the Grocery stores and Supermarkets? 

Increases Sales and Promotions

You can quickly adapt your in-store promotions to meet the needs of your customers. With digital signage, you can promote daily or weekly deals, as well as encourage impulse purchases. Digital signage can also help you promote your loyalty programs and provide helpful information about the various products in your store. It can additionally help you attract more potential customers.

Educate the shoppers

In-store ads are a vital part of any grocery store's marketing strategy, as they can influence a third of shoppers to try a new product or purchase something else. They can also help boost sales by featuring new and unfamiliar products.

Trust building for Brands

Social media content can be easily pulled from your various social media profiles and displayed on your screens. This allows you to enhance the shopping experience for your customers. According to a survey, 71% of consumers want ads to be tailored to their specific interests. By implementing a cloud-based digital signage system, you can easily update and promote your displays in different areas of the store.

Reduces extra printing and marketing Costs

With digital signage, you can easily update and promote your promotional materials. It eliminates the need for costly printing and helps promote products that need to move quickly.


With digital signage shown to reduce perceived wait time by 35%, it’s a must-have for the checkout line. Take the opportunity to remind customers to apply for or renew their loyalty cards. You can also feature up sell opportunities, like vacation packages or insurance services, available at the customer service desk. Grocery retailers are also adapting to the changes brought about by the new digital age. They are additionally looking to enhance the customer experience by developing new ways to communicate with their customers. One of these is Khazina Digital Signage, which is a non-intrusive way to promote various promotions and internal communication.

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