Digital Menu Boards

Ordinary Sign Boards vs Digital Menu Boards

There’s no doubt about it – food photography is an art form. You can take great photos of your dishes, but if they aren’t presented in a way that grabs attention, then you’ve wasted your time. Fortunately, Digital Menu Boards allow you to create eye-catching menus that not only tell your customers what they’ll eat but also how good it tastes. With a combination of still images, videos and descriptive captions, you can make your customers drool over your menu items.


Digital Menu Boards help you satisfy your customers

Suppose a situation arises where you are missing a menu item. In the past, you would tell every customer who ordered the item that it was no longer available. Disappointment, because many people, can leave a sour taste that they will associate with your business. It can mean the difference between choosing your restaurant as your favourite or never visiting it again. With a digital menu board, you can quickly remove non-existent items and avoid customer disappointment.

"Installing a digital menu board in your restaurant will help you and your customers", tells Focal Media from Ireland, "They will know the menu changes, depending on the availability and you can meet their needs without receiving any kind of complaint. Apart from that, you can also include the nutritional value and calorie content of what you are selling. It will be an added value. 


Digital menu boards delight your customers

When you put a digital sign outside of your restaurant, it can do a great job of drawing people in. A mouth-watering image of your delicious dish helps bring a bland menu to life. Because the sky is the limit with digital menu boards, you can provide your guests with a source of entertainment that helps them outrank your competitors. Think about it. In addition to images of your delicious food, your digital menu board can display fun videos, trivia questions, calorie information, and even photos of your happy customers! Again, your options increase when you switch to a digital menu board.