Digital Signage For Finance Sector

Digital signage has been revolutionising the way businesses interact with their customers. But the industry this technology has impacted the most is finance. The reason maybe because this sector embraced digital signage in times when it was just a mere concept. The long waiting lines for bank tellers and ATM machines had opened an opportunity for banks to cash on the perceived wait time. Following are the ways digital signage can be used to get the best benefit from it.

Corporate Branding

Just like other companies banks also have a brand ideology and core values. Digital signage is a stunning medium that can be used to deliver the message to the audience that can have a lasting impression. Eye catching displays and visuals, themed with the banks interior can give a premium experience.

Employee Communication

Just like other corporations banks also thrive on increasing efficiency by automating processes and internal communication. What better way to do that than by displaying vital info on screens that are there to engage.

Way Finders

In bigger banks visitors sometimes feel lost on premises. Way finding kiosk technology can be used to guide new visitors to their desired locations thus improving overall experience.

Light It Up

Banks are notorious for having a boring and environment. Digital signage is the perfect ech to add the right type of colors and engagement to the banks environment, thus resulting in a more lively atmosphere. 

Improve Visitor Experience

Improving visitor experience is the best way for banks to get new customers. It adds up to the institutes’s image that it's eager to invest in the relationship with its clientele. 

Reduce Perceived Wait Time

The reason it all started in the first place. The lines in banks are long and people get fed up during the waiting hours. A ticket counter with engaging content like live TV, RSS feed and news etc can help decrease anxiety upto 30%. Thus creating a more relaxed environment.

Vital Market Info

Banks are all about numbers. Digital signage can be used to display vital relevant information like stocks, commodities, bonds and currencies. By integrated apps that broadcast live updated info, this can become an easy job.

Centralised Management

One of the many reasons banks should switch from print media to digital signage is that it can be controlled through a single platform. And also it can be updated without any hassle. The team sitting in the main branch can design, air and monitor custom content for their branches reflecting their local conditions all on their own.

Digital Signage Products for Finance Sector

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