Digital Signage For Real Estate

Digital signage has been revolutionizing customer engagement experience and work environments for retail, finance, corporate and many other industrial sectors. But now it's also impacting how the real estate sector is operating. From “for sale” sign boards to virtual house tours, digital signage has set up its position. Following are the ways real estate agencies can use digital signage for increasing their overall business.

Grab Attention

It's a fact that walking by customers are more drawn to rich visual content than some normal printed board. You can use digital signage to display stunning eye catching content that will make more customers coming in your door.

Regularly Changing Listings

In the world of real estate properties change hands and prices fluctuate, so you need a system through which you can easily update or change content on the go. Digital signage technology, unlike print medium, makes it easy to update and edit content as per needs. Also you can display 100s of properties on a single display.

Virtual House and 

Neighbourhood Tours

New ways are emerging for real estate brokers to stand out above the competition. One of them is 360 visuals of a new house on the market. These tours have proven to be more effective in engagement and are more convenient for buyers and brokers both. Also displaying point of interest areas like gyms, schools and parks etc can help customers make up their minds.

Engage Audience Through 

Relevant Content

Built in apps can be integrated with your digital signage to keep displaying relevant, engaging and up to date content like property adverts, area guides, way finders and news etc.

Event Updates

It's normal for events like open house schedules to have a last minute change in dates and time. Situations like these make print media inaccurate for displaying information. Digital signage allows you to make alterations to your announcements, even at the last second.

Remote Monitoring 

Whether you have one screen installed at one location or multiples. Digital signage helps you control, edit and monitor content through one single dashboard.

Interactive Info

A unique way of engaging with audiences looking for real estate deals is through interactive information. A barcode on each listing that can be scanned by people if they want to store info in their phones for later.

Display Video Testimonials

Video testimonials have a far more authentic impact as people assume normal text feedbacks are fabricated. Digital signage can be used to display video feedbacks of your satisfied customers, which by far one of the most effective marketing techniques.

Niche Specific Content

Content in digital signage can be categorised and scheduled based on location and audiences. This allows you to target specific audience as per their needs. For example a certain type of people are looking for a certain type of property etc

Social Media Integration

Whether you want to display content from instagram, reviews for tripadvisor, news from CNN or Skynews or financial trends from Financial Times, all can be done in just one click. Digital signage has built in integration for 1000s of apps.

Display Trends to 

Motivate Buyers

Displaying housing price trends, changing mortgage rates and shifting demand of certain properties can keep your potential customers in the know and urge them to make a move.

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