How Pandemic advances Customer Experience Opportunities in Digital Signage?

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Looking toward the clouds isn’t easy at all during sunshine. It does always have a diagonal view. Similarly, the digital signage industry has emerged from the haze, with touch-free experience, proximity sensors, facial recognition, and AI and IoT interaction. The deeper you looked into it, the more exciting will come out. Digital signage has worked like robotic assistants. Stores can display advertisements through digital displays based on online shopping behavior. Smart displays use AI, gesture recognition to virtual fitting room experience. Smart payments on the grocery store while checkout, so you couldn’t walk in the queue. 

Therefore, digital signage has already reinvented customer experiences in stores, schools, hospitals and everywhere. It has been witnessed to see how far it could go to bring more opportunities. But then the pandemic has changed everything. And suddenly, businesses are excited about advancements in technology. It wasn’t exciting at all! But its importance and significance seemed shadowed by world events. However, digital signage is the need of the hour for information about health and safety post-pandemic.

The investment in digital signage has seemed too risky before the pandemic. Especially when retails were just started recovering. The global outlook of the digital signage industry is expected to be 6.4% annual growth. This projected fast growth in the businesses using digital signage at the commercial level in various first world countries. The expansion in technology has resulted in a good number of profits. The rising number of contributions towards the digital market has now introduced new opportunities for businesses.

Research, that shows, customers prefer a company or brand that offers a personalized customer experience. Therefore, the adoption of the digital signage industry either it’s indoor or outdoor, is a new gateway for more opportunities in market competition.

E-Commerce Modification

Many small and medium businesses have invested in eCommerce during the Pandemic. So, online presence is no longer an option for them. The consumer has also shifted their interest toward the online medium. These platforms are fast-growing channels in the industry. Digital signage has provided such opportunities to every industry, like retails, shopping malls, and other businesses.

Digital display software is the biggest game-changer that has extensive reporting capabilities. The systems are customized and controlled for the users. And you can use it to improve digital marketing. The rundown of user engagement statistics through digital advertising creates a new marketing strategy. Ultimately, it allows you to have complete control over digital advertising and manage the updates within a specific budget.

Together AI and Digital Signage Manages access to Control

Businesses have teamed up with AI and digital signage to be able to generate revenue again. So, now they do not need to have many people for managing digital marketing and advertising. During the Pandemic, it’s important to follow social distance. Although, in many businesses where it is subject to breaking the protocol for work purposes. But digital signage and AI become simple solutions to handle such circumstances.

Integrating and counting people is a job for AI systems. Detecting temperatures and abnormal heat signatures through algorithms and sensors, AI and digital signage have tackled this issue together. Biometric facial recognition is to make sure people wear masks and measure body temperature. The use of hand sanitizers and keeping the social distance all can be managed easily.

Time and lifesavers Indoor and Outdoor Digital Signage

Imagine, you went out of your house to make some groceries on weekend. When you arrive at the store, the storekeeper informs you that some of the items on your list are short for this week and will be restored in the next 3 days. But you need these items on weekend. Then you go to the next store and it happened again. Meanwhile, you don’t know how to get rid of these unnecessary trips to stores.

Now imagine, you went again out of the house and arrived at the store, but the outdoor advertising display inform you that some of the items in the store are out of stock and will be restocked at 9:00 AM. You make your trip short and came back home. This is how digital signage has saved time without risking stepping inside the store. The outdoor and indoor digital advertising screens update with real-time information, like, as stock shortages, capacity limits and safety information.

A shift toward Customer Experiences

The definition of experience is something that is always redefined to get all the positive and possible outcomes. The instant change when a consumer feels comfortable with the digital experience. The virtual tools play a key role in accelerating the efforts to present the best for the customers. Digital signage has developed new ways to encourage and accommodate businesses to revitalize the strategies they adopted for their business.


Beyond that, it has followed the change in customer experience. The impacts of digital displays are likely to show consumer behaviors that will change over the long term. Certainly, it keeps going, although still on-trend. Khazina Digital has offered to its customers to experience the potential flexibility of products in a post-COVID world.

If you are working to get such opportunities and want to explore more for user interaction, stay in touch with Khazina Digital for more possibilities in the digital future.

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