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Digital menu boards (Standard) is the best and low-cost digital menu board that comes with standard TV and free cloud software. There are low-cost digital menu boards designed for small takeaways, fish n chips shops, cafes with 8-10 operational hours. With free digital signage software, you can control/update anytime & from anywhere. Our free digital signage software comes with build-in digital menu board designs and templates with these designs you create your menu within minutes.

Important Note: This product use normal house hold TV and comes with only 1 year warranty 

A Complete Cloud Base

Digital Menu Board


The perfect solution for small and medium-scale food businesses. A low-cost cloud base solution with commercial screens specially build for the food & takeaway Industry.

What you will get in this package

Standard Digital Menu Board

LED TV equipped with Khazina Lite Digital Signage Player

Free Cloud Software (Lifetime Free)

Completely free cloud base software with no subscription charges for a lifetime. With this software, you can control/update your screens from anywhere.

Optional Bespoke Animated Designs

Fully customized animated ( Videos and Items Animation) design according to your wishes.

Free Delivery

Free Delivery to your doorstep.

Limited Stock Available

Cloud Base Digital Signage Player

  • Update your menu anytime and from anywhere
  • Cheaper than a USB menu board.
  • Update whenever you want without the help of any designer.
  • Special Features for Food Chain Owners.
  • Display your offer within no time.
  • Create a slideshow for different offers.
  • Schedule your offer's for upcoming events.
  • Remotely Control 1-1000 screens with one account.

Free Could Base Content Management Software

Easy to Use

With our Digital Signage CMS, you can send content from your PC to your display or media player in a matter of seconds using a user-friendly drag-and-drop system.

Fully Integrated Solution

Our CMS software is specifically designed to be used with the screens and media players that we provide an all-in-one integrated solution.


Stable, dependable performance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week that even runs and can be updated while offline. When changes are made the screen or player will only download new files, not the entire content.

Flexible and Scalable

Using a wide range of screens and media players you can scale any project with absolute confidence. You can even integrate third-party websites via a URL.


No need to install software to your PC or have your own dedicated server, our cloud-based Digital Signage CMS portal can be accessed instantly from anywhere in the world.

1 GB Storage Space

Unlike other cloud-based platforms, we do not put any limits on the number of files or total storage space for your media or content.

Works Offline

The hardware will download the media files that you publish to the screens and store them on the internal memory, meaning that even if the screen or player is not connected to the internet it will display the scheduled content.

Pre-Designed Layouts

Pre-developed playlists, including the editable templates and the associated media files, can be downloaded and edited so you don’t need to start from scratch.

Find more on

Create, Publish & Schedule

Optional Bespoke Animated Design


Bespoke Animated Design

Complete custom animated design by our professional designers. You need to send us your scan copy previous menu in pdf format. Please select the custom animated design option and upload your scan pdf menu with instructions for colors and design. Note we use stock images/videos if you won't use your own images please send these images/videos to with your order reference number. The design will email you in 7 days after delivery.

To see more example of design click here

Watch Designs in Action




Signage Player

Q: I have 3 screens. How many players do I need for all 3?

A: You will require one player for each screen. If you got 3 screens you will require 3 players.

Q: How easy is it to connect this player with my TV?

A: It's very easy to connect signage players to your normal TV. Just connect the player with HDMI and USB cable with your TV. The HDMI cable will be used for streaming your menu and the USB cable will be used to power up the player. So when you turn on your TV your player will automatically start.

Q: Do I need to connect this player to the internet?

A: If you want to control / update/edit your menu remotely you will be required to connect your signage player with the internet. If you do not wish to update your menu then it's not required. Signage players can run without the internet.

Q: How can I update my menu later on?

A: We will give you the login & password. With this login, you will be able to control your menu from anywhere (an Internet connection is required for this action).

Q: Do I need to pay a cloud software subscription fee?

A: No this could software is completely free for a lifetime.

Custom Animated Design

Q: How do I submit my menu when I place my order?

A: You can upload scan copy of your menu in PDF/JPEG format or in MS Word or MS Excel format. Or you can email us your menu at with your order reference number.

Q: What about my product images or videos?

A: If you have your own products professional photographs and videos. Please send us via email we will include your images and videos. We will include these in your custom design.

Q: I don't have my product images and videos what should I do?

A: Don't worry we have thousands of stock images and videos. But keep in mind that these stock images will not completely match your original products.

Q: What is design instruction?

A: Design instructions mean, which colors you want to use for your menu design, how do you want to split your menu on different screens (for example screen 1 burger, screen 2 pizza, screen 3 offers). This is if you are buying for more than one screen.

Q: How many items can fit in one screen?

A: There are two types of designs we can create for you. One is called menu design and the other is called offer design. Refer to the examples below.

In the menu, design maximum recommended items are 20 ( according to menu design research if you add more than 20 items in one menu the design will confuse the customer to chose his/her item and the font will become smaller and nonreadable). In the offer design, we will create a maximum of 5 offers for you. If you want more than 5 offers there will be an extra charge for that.

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EalFlafel Glasgow

Signage Player Technical Details

Landscape Wall Mount Technical Details

Portrait Wall Mount Technical Details

Ceiling Mount Technical Details

Important Before Buy : This product comes with standard home use TV (Non Commercial). Digital Menu Board Standard is recommended for small food business with maximum 6-8 hours daily. 

£299.00 + VAT
  • Free Delivery

    Free delivery in United Kingdom

  • Warranty

    1-Year warranty policy

  • One Time Cost

    No Monthly Charges

  • Technical Support


Without ContentAnimated Content Designing
NoLandscapePortraitCeiling Mount (Landscape)

Standard TV Equipped with Khazina Signage Player

How it works?

Take control of your menu

Upload your videos and images with ease from anywhere with help of Signage Studio.
Add Text Overlays
Add Text overlays to your videos and images . With multi layers you can as much as you want.
Schedule Your Contents
Schedule your contents. Display right message and right time. i.e Morning Menu or Lunch Menu.
1000+ Fonts
Decorate your menu with over 1000 fonts

Create & Publish in Minute

With help of built in signage software you can create you menu board and publish it to you screen in few minutes.

Built in Design Studio & Image Library

Front and rear mechanical disc brakes provide more stable response with reliable all-weather stopping action? You can ride comfortably and safely with flat, wide pedals, front brakes and rear disc brakes.

Create Your Slideshow

Now you can upload your images & videos, you can create your slideshow in just few minutes.

Quickly Update Your Digital Menu Board Content

Updating your menu board content is easy, log into your account online, edit the content and publish then watch as your menus update. Or using our Dynamic Data Plug-in, you can update and upload your menu board content. The embed cloud digital menu solution gives you the flexibility to update your menu board content to a single screen, groups of displays or your entire global network quickly and efficiently.

Giving You More Menu Flexibility

Changing menu boards used to mean spending money on reprinting but now with digital there is no need to reprint, so you can make as many changes as you like, as often as you like. Are you introducing a new product line? Add it to your menus in a few clicks. Made a typo? Rectify it in an instant. New taxes affecting your pricing? Update all your pricing quickly. Need to communicate Allergy and Nutritional information? Seamlessly add it to your menus. Digital menu boards are the bridge between you and greater business flexibility. We use special layer technology for creation of menu boards . So when you want to change just background it will not effect on prices.

Why Not Add Some Custom Design?

Some examples of our customize design service 

( This is an optional service)

Burger Plus Pizza Menu

Ali Baba Menu

Players UK Menu

Perco Offers

Fish n Chips Menu

Chan Noodles Menu

Presotea Offers

Pasties Menu

Borneo Bakery Offers

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is difference in Standard and Premium ?
Digital Menu Board comes with standard home use TV to keep the cost low for startup and small business owners. The normal home use TV's are designed for 6-8 hrs daily uses. However, Digital Menu Board Premium is a commercial garde display and designed for 24/7 uses. Read more about digital menu board premium.
If I buy this display without design can I design my self?
Certainly, you can design your menu with cloud software comes with signage player as well as you can upload you images and videos.
If I add design service do I need to provide the images and videos of my food?
If you food is unique or you don't want to compromise on your food images. You must provide your own images and videos to our designers. If you don't have these images and videos you can request the designer to use stock images. However please keep it in mind these stock images may differ with your food items.
How can I update my design later on ?
We will give you a login & password . With this login you will be able to control your design from anywhere ( Internet connection is required for this action) .
Do I need to connect signage player with internet?
If you want to control / update / edit your design remotely you will be required to connect your signage player with the internet. If you do not wish to update your design then its not required. Signage player can run without the internet.